Monday, May 18, 2009

Ipod dropped in water? It wont turn on? Here is what to do.

This is a very common problem. It can occur in many ways. the most common occurrence that many customers have told me is that their ipod slipped out of their pocket and dropped in the toilet. Some have told me they left it in their pocket and threw it in with the wash and then others have taken it to the beach and had in their pocket by mistake and went into the water. However this may have occurred the question remains. Can this be fixed? The answer is in my cases it can. I am going to explain to you the best remedies i know of to fix your ipod if it was dropped in water.
The best method i have used and found to work is to carefully open the ipod. i explanation how to open an ipod in my video tutorial "how to change a battery". Go to the top of the page and click home and scroll down to this video. It will show you how to open the ipod up. once the ipod is open, shake out any excess water which may still be in the ipod.
Then take a hair dryer, put it on medium to low power and blow the dry both inside parts of the ipod thoroughly for about 20 minutes. The leave the ipod open overnight in a dry area. Then close the ipod back up and turn it on. It should power up and work.

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